CRP Sanitation, INC

Residential Waste Management

CRP Sanitation Inc. has been providing Residential Waste Management Service for over 8,000 homes throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties for over 35 years. To sign up for Residential Service please click here.

Driveway Service

C.R.P. Sanitation provides residential driveway service for customers with those extra long driveways. We currently service over 300 back door/driveway service customers. C.R.P. services driveways in WESTCHESTER COUNTY & PUTNAM COUNTY. We have been providing Residential service for over 35 years. We can tailor a pick-up schedule that fits each customer’s individual needs.

Town Of Mount Pleasant

C.R.P. Sanitaiton Inc. has been providing Trash & Recycling service for the town of Mount Pleasant for the past 10 Years.